Mr. Bengt Feldreich
(text from the book)
" The images represented by these picture, or rather, the distortions of them, have not been devised by a Picasso. Nor, for that matter, by any human imagination. The pictures are the creations of a television projector or telecine.
The initiators, Ture Sjolander and Lars Weck have exposed television films to a telecine operated by technicians. By using the telecine, the film-images were electronically distorted. These distorted images were then conveyed to another film which has been edited to provide the film we are about to see.
The electronically distorted image is not in itself a new idea. In fact, it is a fundamental part of television technique. But Sjolander and Weck captured such images from the cinematic process and then carried the process one step further. By transposing selected single frames of film onto different materials they produced an artform which can be exhibited in galleries. In this way they have demonstrated that pictures taken from the television screen can be translated from one medium to another (newspaper, books etc).
We communicate with one another via a stream of images which are constantly being translated and reformulated. One of the chief ideas in the thought of Marshall McLuhan, the American media-philosopher, is that each medium constitutes a new form of translation of our experience. For that reason it has its particular effect upon us.
The film which Sjolander and Weck have prepared is a television experiment. They have investigated the electronic translation process of the telecine."
Bengt Feldreich
Stockholm - Jan. 1968