(Televised in the Swedish Television on the 9th of January 1968)
" These pictures reproduced from the MONUMENT have been derived from TV film clippings which have been transformed by means of geometric distortions through the use of telecine equipment.
Static images were obtained by extracting frames from the cinetic material. Prints (some in colour) were made by using the silk screen technique.
The basic principle is that the deflection voltage in a flying spot telecine is modulated with sinus and square impulses from tone generators. With the flying spot method used by Swedish Television, the photographic image is transformed into electrical signals when the film is projected towards a photocell with a scanned raster as the source of light. The deflection voltage determines the movement of the point of light which scans the screen 50 times per second. In working with MONUMENT  the frequency and amplitude of this movement has been controlled by tone generators.
As a television engineer I consider that this type of image formation provides an interesting opportunity for documenting the wide possibilities offered by the electronic TV equipment.
In cooperation with Ture Sjolander and Lars Weck the boundary between technique and artistic conception has been erased and, as a result, we have obtained further insight into creative communications.
The present pictures may be regarded as initiating a closer form of cooperation between artists, technicians and other such skilled groups.
This cooperation is enhanced by the possibility of utilizing the resources of colour television.
The principle of modulating colour images is the same, but the range of technical variations is conciderably greater.
We are already planning programs, devised with our present equipment in mind, to exploit these fascinating new perspectives."
Bengt Modin
Stockholm - Jan. 1968.