Hansson & Karlsson

Bill Öhrström had meanwhile been hired as talent scout and producer at Polydor and he introduced Bo to several musicians that could become possible partners. Some drummers, guitarists and even a violinist was tested before the jazz drummer Janne Karlsson came along and became a permanent partner.

The group Hansson & Karlsson was born and the duo made three albums between 1967 and 1969. Their debut album Monument is one of the best instrumental albums ever recorded in Sweden. Bo's unorthodox style of playing and his genuine sense for beats together with Janne's explosive way of playing the drums created something completely new- Hansson & Karlsson mixed rock, jazz, classical music in a way never heard before. Monument has still after 35 years no competitor.
Hansson & Karlsson toured Sweden several times, from large folk parks to small clubs. They played a memorable gig as support for Cream in Stockholm 1967 and they had a one night long jam session with Jimi Hendrix at Klubb Filpis. Hendrix was a big fan of Hansson & Karlsson and he recorded their composition Tax Free. He also planned to record a version of their Triplets, but unfortunately he died shortly before having the chance.

Bo grew tired of travelling, sometimes seven days a week, and playing so often. On the last album, Man at Moon, it is obvious that Hansson & Karlsson are not a happy and harmonic band but a dissolving group doing its job the best they can.

Håkan Lahger
Stockholm January 2002